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Student Advisory Council Student Nominations

Mr. Hembling
Student Advisory Council Student Nominations
by Paul Hembling - Friday, 8 June 2018, 11:20 AM

At the School Board meeting on Monday evening, June 4, the Board passed an amendment to Policy 201.1 (Board Committees) allowing for the creation of a Student Advisory Council. The mandate of the Student Advisory Council is to meet four times per school year to provide the Board of Education with youth input and perspective on topics and decisions that directly pertain to students. The Student Advisory Council is to include one representative from each school district secondary school, Brocklehurst Middle School, Twin Rivers Education Centre, and Four Directions.

Students have been told about the opportunity to submit a Nomination Form and the forms have been made available to students.  Attached to this post please find a copy of the Nomination Form and Terms of Reference for the Student Advisory Council. Interested students should submit their completed form to the Principal no later than Wednesday, June 13.